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Cgfns Updates For Jun 2006 Nle Passers, How Is It?


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HEY THERE!:welcome: Do you have any updates about the CGFNS' decision concerning the JUN 2006 NLE passers? RE: VISA SCREEN. Please fill me in some credible information. Thank you.

There are still no new announcements in the CGFNS website. You can email them during their office hours though. I have heard some unfavorable news from immigration lawyers but then, it's just hearsay until it will officially come from CGFNS. Keep your hopes up! :saint:


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Good Luck with the "people" at CGFNS. I wrote my exams for my Green Card in July 2005 and it took them over 6 months to get my Certificate. ( Even then they sent the wrong Certificate the first time).Even though I passed the exams, they lost my Certificate 3 times "in the mail", even though I paid to have them FED EX'd to me.With out my Ceritificate I could not proceed with my Green Card. It was so frustrating. They finally got the hint when I started taking down names and I called the same guy back every day for three weeks in a row. Surprise! I got my certificate.

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