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I just received my Authorization to Test (ATT)and will take the CGFNS exam in this July or September! Just one question regarding the last few sentence in the ATT..."On Exam day, please bring 2 forms of ID, one of which must be an official form of identification that shows your picture and signature. Examples of acceptable forms of identification include a valid passport, a government-issue identification card, or a U.S. driver's license."

I will take the exam in the US. However, in addition to the passport, I don't get any other forms of IDs. (I haven't gotten a U.S driver's license yet and don't think I can get it before the exam) Does anyone have the similar experience? Thanks for sharing in advance!



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I wonder if a birth certificate could work?



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Thanks for your input, Pollybee! I got the reply from CGFNS and would like to share with everyone. They said:

Test Takers are required to present two forms of identification; one must be a government issued photo ID from the Primary Identification list below. All forms of ID must be valid and not expired.

" Primary Identification:

" Government (Local, State, Province or Country) issued driver s license or identification card

" Passport

" Military Identification

" National Identification card

" Secondary Identification:

" Bank debit or credit card

" Employee Identification card

" Student Identification Card

" Retail membership card

" Wholesale membership card