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CGFNS documents are Waiting to be Received

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I am a foreign nurse from the Philippines applying for NCLEX-RN for Illinois.

I sent my necessary documents (college Transcript of records, college diploma, number of hours; high school form 137 and license calidation certificate) last September 19, 2018 and was received last September 26, 2018. Last September 29, I got an email from CGFNS that they have only received a portion of the documents needed and have to send the following:

Transcript Validation Form for my college

Secondary School Diploma

License Validation Form

i rechecked what I sent, and noted that these three should be in the mail along with the other documents, i sent the college, high school and license documents together.

CGFNS will only proceed with the reviewing of my file once these has been received. I checked my CGFNS portal and it shows there that these three documents are "waiting to be received." Has anyone ever encountered this? Should i request those papers again or should I wait for them to update the status to "received"

Thank you.

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