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CGFNS cvs application not received but not accepted

by kwesi yasay kwesi yasay (New) New

Hi I am a Foreign nurse. I also applied for for NCLEX CVS and already a RN here in NYC.

I’m helping my wife to register to CVS to but its been almost 8 months nthat we have been waiting for cgfns to approve the application but as of now I just saw the application page that it didn't approve our TOR. My wife and the school already ent the transcripts twice to them and we keep on asking them what we need to do. Still, the same result. Sometimes when you ask them how our application status is, they don't really have specific instructions.

We really need help.194DA92D-B4DE-44B6-813C-4A8A42426546.thumb.jpeg.755c940e42ec2806a4089470057d8d29.jpeg

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Usually after 6 months CGFNS pass on everything they have to NY and they review and make their decision. Maybe worth contacting them to see when they are sending the documents forward to the state