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Hi everyone! I badly need anybody's help, inputs, experience and solution.

I attended 2 schools before graduating BSN. Now CGFNS is giving me a hard time with my CES. I started requesting my CES last August and until now they keep on rejecting my papers. The reason is that the Academic Records/Transcript Form, I submitted two separate forms for the 2 schools. My first school where I studied for 3 years cannot fill out the page 3 for the reason that I did not graduate in that University and they already transfered all my Transcripts to the College where I graduated. So I told my 1st school if they can just put N/A and sign and seal and yet they wont accept it.

From this moment I don't know what to do. I will call again CGFNS what the heck is wrong with them. I exhausted all I can do in my end. This is very frustrating. I have a job waiting for me and I can't work just because of this. I hope you can share what you did if ever you were able to solve the issue.