Why So Slow?

  1. What is up with this newsgroup? I've participating in this group for a number of months now and it is suprising how non responisve we are. Apathetic even. Threads have hundreds of views but 1-2 posts! Cumon folks, there are opinions out there. Be brave, go for the gold. Don't worry about swimming, the fall will kill you. Just joking there, but really, are there no CRNAs out there with opinions or facts or research to share? No students with experiences to share? No one struggling to apply, take the GRE, round up letters of reccomendation? This could be a font of knowledge, lets up the bar a bit. You know, sort of like grad school.
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  3. by   nilepoc
    I totally agree, I have been trying to drum up some business, but can't do it alone.

    Thanks for saying something wintermute.
  4. by   malestudent-bsn
    I agree, I hope to be a crna one day, and I could use some opinions on how to get there. There has to be some crnas who could give some valuable thoughts
  5. by   nilepoc
    Has anyone noticed this but me, freshly posted topics to the CRNA forum do not always end up on the topics board on the main page.


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