What should I focus on first?

  1. I may have bit off more than I can chew, maybe not. I am taking Nursing Research, Theory and Health Policy- all three core courses. I haven't found enough time yet to study my Physiology Text. I am auditing General Chemistry II because I did not need it in my undergrad education. Everyone says that I am crazy. I know that I can take Policy my second year if I have to. Should I give it up? Is there harm in trying? Do I truly need the Chemisty (it is a weakness)? I personally feel that I do. But, will the summer be enough time to study the Physiology text? Yet another necessity (We get out in early May) Has anyone else completed three core courses of Graduate work in one semester. I am pretty motivated because I'd rather spend the 2nd year, as much as possible, winding down with family (As if.) I know the first year is the killer. Tell me what you think... I'd appreciate your experiences/suggestions. I work almost every Sunday and Friday because I am in class Mon-Fri. Most of my professors are not doing online classes for one reason or another.

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