USA Today touting male nurses as the professinals they are... again

  1. for the second time in a year that I know of usa today has printed a large story about male nurses.
    yeah baby thats what I like to see.
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  3. by   shawng007
    hello, I like it, I just finished my LPN program while working as a nursing assistant at a local hospital, and they have been nothing but totally supportive of me and even gave me a graduation present from my boss and staff. I now have a full time job and everyone is pulling for me, so i have seen little gender bias but for a few patients now and then who would prefer a female, most of them younger women, the older ones adore me. I think it is about time more men come into this profession, people should realize that just because we are men doesnt mean we arent caring and compassionate. hooray.
  4. by   g8rlimey
    Good article and thx for posting...but I think I will pass on the "Lactation Consultant" positions out there.

    Gaylord Fokker
  5. by   charles-thor
    dont' knock lactation consultants bud!

    ...ok, so I almost kept a strait face:roll
  6. by   SCHMEGGA