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  1. Anyone out there attending USC or ever interviewed at USC? What was the interview process like? Any opinions or comments on the USC nurse anesthesia experience would be appreciated. You don't hear very much about USC. Many thanks in advance.
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  3. by   catcolalex
    All I know is that its expensive both for school and cost of living.
  4. by   miloisstinky
    Hi, I am currently at USC. PM me if you are interested in details. Overall, I am very satisfied with the program, I definitely feel I am where I need to be at this point in the curriculum. Yes, it is very expensive, but loans have been plenty enough...I have no complaints, besides the LA traffic ofcourse :angryfire . The director and staff are VERY supportive, it is not by any means a "weed em out" type of program. We are under the school of medicine, they take 15 applicants/yr. Dr. Gold is the director and she is quick to respond to emails/calls, very pro-student/SRNA/CRNA. Her number is on usc website.
  5. by   ericalirn
    I just posted nearly the same questions! I'm interviewing in one week and need the same advice! All I know is that there will be a panel of more than ten people. When is your interview date? Did you get any info?

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