University Of Penn Anyone???

  1. Would like to hear if anyone else on this board will be going to Penn in May??
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  3. by   athomas91
    that is one expensive program.
  4. by   Pete495
    Yes, I have heard it cost like $80,000 to complete their program. And as a consequence, the other CRNA schools in philadelphia are also raising their tuititon rates. So get in while you can.
  5. by   athomas91
    i may be wrong....but i think their program TOTAL ends up being almost 120,000k.....we were discussing it in class last wk...drexel is the second most expensive (and happens to be where i am) but it will only total to approx 50-60k at the end....
  6. by   Pete495
    Wow, not that I'd want to, but I could go to medical school for that. I wonder how much it costs to go to medical school there? Is the economy bad in philly or what? Why does it cost so much?
  7. by   CougRN
    It's an IVY league school.
  8. by   Pete495
    Yes, U of Penn is an Ivy League school at $60,000/year for a 24 month crna program? Like the ivy league education matters anyway.

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