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  1. I am interviewing with TWU in a few days and would to solicit any advice, words of wisdom or other input. I currently have the ccrn cert, 5 years of adult icu experience, have written a professional abstract and am taking a chem refresher class. I guess that I am kind of nervous and do not know quite what to expect!
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  3. by   TraumaMaster
    With your CCRN cert behind you and 5 years ICU experience you will do just fine. Most of the questions are clinically based. The interviewers are very friendly and put you at ease. Good Luck!
  4. by   BDD
    How many interviewers does TWU use?
  5. by   sandman
    They use 2.
  6. by   duckboy20
    Good luck on the interview. Like they said the majority of the interview is usually clinically based and then some questions to get to know you.
  7. by   Ibm5
    Is there a book I can get my self ready for the interview

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