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  1. anyone know of the timeframe for the TWU release date to annouce your phase II clinical site. I believe April 15 is the date? Also, Of those people who were accepted early, like Dec, do you have a phase II site. Which phase II sites required an interview?

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  3. by   DSAC
    I was accepted early, but like you I have not received a clinical site yet. I spoke with Tommie Kates yesterday, she said it would be at least another week or so. They are still interviewing. As far as interviewing at clinical sites, the only one that I am aware of is the one in Jonesboro, but I believe there are a couple more. Good Luck.
  4. by   fence
    I was asked a couple weeks ago if I wanted to interview @ Topeka Ks.
  5. by   jenniek
    Jonesboro, Little Rock and North or South Dakota interview their own that I know of. Jonesboro had their interviews Monday. I think Kansas will have theirs next week....not sure of that. I was told during my Little Rock interview that they would have decisions by April 15th...the date can't come soon enough!

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