1. I have a slight essential tremor. It is very controllable with medication (nadalol) and an avoidance of nicotine and caffeine.

    Will this be an impediment to becoming a CRNA?
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  3. by   lgcv
    Should not be any problem as long as it is slight. If you can start IV's without a problem, then there should not be anything in anesthesia you couldnt do.
  4. by   CATHYW
    Exactly. I have familial tremors, but can give an injection I get compliments on, and was frequently called on to start IV's when others couldn't. Just use whatever compensatory mechanism or bracing, or whatever that you have used so far in Nursing.
  5. by   freethnkr
    Thanks for the responses to this post, and also from kevin to my pm. I am just beginning my nursing adventure. Next week I start my first pre-req class for my ADN. I am so pumped. I first learned about CRNAs a few years ago when I first began seriously contemplating a career switch. (I'm currently a process analyst for a Boeing subsidiary) This board has been a wealth of information and encouragement.

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