Tablet PC's

  1. Is anyone using Tablet PC's in classes to take notes. Trying to consider to buy one or not. Please state if you like it or not, the pros and cons.
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  3. by   nilepoc
    I say don't do it. go to your nearest retailer, and do a test.

    Have someone talk to you relatively fast, and try and write down what they say. Now, stop every once and a while, and draw a figure, like a pulmonary function curve, or a action potential, or do an equation. You will rapidly see the disadvantages tablets present. I only take notes with my iBook when the subject does not lend itself to drawing, or there is a power point I can annotate, as the lecturer goes.

    good luck, YMMV

  4. by   Reg911
    Thanks Craig, that was the idea I was getting from reading reviews about them, but no where did they advertise them for college note taking.