Summer is here

  1. Congratulations to everyone who has made it though another grueling semester. Two down and five to go...
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  3. by   athomas91
    yep - this was our one wk summer vacation...and i got sick...oh well..
    one down - six to go...
  4. by   J.L.Seagal
    Congratulations on completing what must have been a real grueling experience!

    I'll be starting school in August, and I'm starting to get nervous.

    I've got seven semesters to go!
  5. by   BGSUstudent
    I have 2 semester to go and I'm enrolled in a summer class right now.
  6. by   SproutRN
    Praise God, I survived too! 2 more weeks off, then the summer school fun begins. 2 semesters down, 5 to go.....onward.


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