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  1. So im in a seminar today an im escorting this student from New Zealand around and the group asks me to describe the health care delivery system in the United States as it is today. I was totally put on the spot as a student nurse. Just throwing the question out to some veterans to see what ya'll think.
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    OMG...I hate it that I know some of the answers to your question. I had to take 3 classes this past summer on health care delivery and managed care. Basically, MC runs the health care of the nation...including Medicare and Medicaid. Lots of different types of MC programs that limit providers and services with lots of different recipes. Boils down to trying to provide the least expensive service to the most people. Not a good forum for health care providers because most do capitation (paying a certain monthly fee to the provider no matter the amount of service provided) So if you get sick patients, you have to do more work and get paid the same amount of money. Screwed up, complicated system...hope that helped a little.