SRNA Contracts??

  1. What are the usual stipulations for a hospital/group to help you through school. What do you get (and when) and what do you agree to? I typed this without my glasses!! I would really appreciate hearing from people who have done this.

    Thanks, Matt
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    The contracts are going to vary quite a bit depending on the group or facility you sign with.
    In general you will have a period of time required to work for payback.
    A stipulation that if you do not complete the work requirement then you have to pay them back.
    Some pay your tuition fees others pay you a stipend and some will do both,
  4. by   K38s
    I have a friend who just recently signed a contract with a local hospital. They gave her a 20,000 dollar bonus for a two year commitment. She needed the money for school. When the check came it was about half the amount, Uncle Sam dips heavily into bonus pay. Just something to be aware of.