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  1. Can someone suggest a web site to find anesthesia / CRNA stuff. Specificly things like desk accessories, scrubs that have anesthesia patterns, that type of stuff?

    The best I have found so far is a couple of pins and a surgery cap that has Snoopy as a doctor and a bunch of "Zzzzzzz".

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  3. by   gaspassah has some accessories, desk stuff shirts etc. i dont think they have scrubs tho. scrubs would be a hit or miss thing. just try the major scrub makers online.
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    Hi User69,

    Have you tried OR

    On Greenscrubs, there are a lot of celestial patterns (looks like night time?)
    On Cottonscrubs, there is a pattern w/ Zzzzzs. The CRNAs (both male and female) at my hospital wear surgical caps from these two companies. They look very well made and comfortable.

    On a personal note, Greenscrubs cotton solids are the most comfortable scrubs ever!
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