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  3. by   thatldo
    But Brad, the show not only slams male nurses but all nurses in general, plus:

    sick people
    the elderly
    even doctors themselves!

    In other words, just about everyone. Reminds me of a "All in the Family" in a hospital setting. You know with an Archie Bunker twist?

    I know some of the stuff they get by with, the insults can be pretty darn cruel. But still I watch, can't help it, makes me laugh!

    People need to learn to laugh at ourselves, the problem is the people who do it in spite when they laugh at others. hmmmm

  4. by   2banurse
    Brad, if you noticed, the male nurse wasn't a characture but someone who truly was proud to be a nurse. As this show is a comedy and pokes at all levels, don't let this get to you so much. It's the serious dramas that put all the attention on the doctors and very little to the nurses. For example, Presidio Med. Not that it was a bad show as I like many of the actresses that starred in it, but they were all doctors with very little nurse involvement. There wouldn't be hospitals without nurses and having worked in hospitals (ancillary staff) it is the nurses that are always there, not the doctors.

    So enjoy "Scrubs" for the comedy it is supposed to be.

  5. by   lml33
    I never really noticed the fact that nurses have been portrayed in a negative manner. The next time that I view the show, I will look at it a little more closely. Anyway, I always thought the show to be hilarious. The female nurse on the show seems to have the most common sense and looks at issues in a realistic manner. Without her, the docs would be lost. Sometimes this occurs in reality. We need to have physicians look at issues from many perspectives before making decisions. Leslie.
  6. by   2banurse
    If you notice, Brad deleted his initial post. Do you think he realized he was being too sensitive?

  7. by   loisane
    I hear what those of your are saying, that the Scrubs episode wasn't that big of a deal. I grant you the validity of your argument.

    However, the ANA has written a formal protest about the episode. So some ARE taking it seriously. Maybe they do slam everyone. But that doesn't mean we have to take it when they slam us.

    Media, and words, and images, and etc are powerful. Especially so in our American culture. I did not see the episode. Actually, I don't even watch the show, so I guess I don't really know. And the comparison to All in the Family does ring true to me.

    But on the other hand, we are in a battle for our lives- nurse anesthesia and nursing in general. If we are going to continue to exist, and thrive, we really need to change the perception that the common man has of nursing.

    I have mixed feeling about all this. But I think I would feel worse if our association did NOT make a big deal out of this, than I would about them possibly making a bigger deal out of this than what it warrants.

    loisane crna