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  1. Hello all,
    I am looking for research Ideas that I can expanded over time to meet the requirements of the major research project or thesis for grad school to become a CRNA. Currently working on RN to BSN. I am starting an evaluation essay that will be 5 paragraphs and 500 words in length. While this is for a simple English class I figure why not expand my knowledge as related to CRNAs and CCRN. Does anyone have any Ideas. I am also considering attempting to apply for a research grant if my eventual topic presents with enough merit.

    In case anyone forgot an evaluation essay goes a little like this.
    1) State a claim about something, and describe that something
    2) Clarify criteria for elav
    3) State judgement for each criterion
    4) Support judgement with evidence.
    5) Balance eval with both pos and neg.

    If you have ideas that could apply please share. Right now I am thinking about epiderals. What do you think?
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