Rating Schools?

  1. I'm looking for info regarding anesthesia schools. Does anyone have any info as to where I can get that. The AANA website says since they are all accredited they are all basically the same. Yeah right. Thanks in advance
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  3. by   crna2be
    Hi Wntr. I was recently accepted into Rush Presbyterian's CRNA program in Chicago. This program is rated #1 in the country by Consumer Reports Magazine.

    But, so what. In talking to CRNA educators, I have found that an important detail in choosing a program is the faculty that will teach you. Some schools have faculty that are educators but no longer clinically practice as a CRNA. It was important for me to be taught by someone who is currently practicing. Another consideration is the amount of cases that you will do--you can ask this of the schools you are interested in. Obviously, the more cases, the better prepared you are.

    I am not sure how to exactly get "ratings" on CRNA programs, but I know there are books that do rate graduate programs countrywide. You can get these at any large book chain. You may want to start there. You may also want to speak with a practicing CRNA--they may be able to direct you. Good luck.