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  1. Hello CRNA's!

    I have strongly been considering CRNA school for the past 2 years now (geez, had i started then i would be done by now! :smackingf). I'm just wondering how often groups hire CRNA's just to work part time or per diem. Are these jobs available? Are they really difficult to come by? Do you pretty much just work full time? I'm just curious as far as my future plans...don't really want to work full time someday when i have kids and stuff if i can help it. So, i don't want to go into CRNA school and then have to work full time forever.

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   VCUBen
    I am not a CRNA but i know that like every hospital job, their are needs around the clock so if you find the right place you will find the job you want. I know a 25 year veteran CRNA that works one 24 hour call shift a week and thats it. He likes it that way. Good luck!