1. hey....check out gastroenterology's post on propofol.....scary discussion.
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  3. by   AnesthesiaBound
    Where is this site?

    Thanks, bj
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    Quote from AnesthesiaBound
    Where is this site?

    Thanks, bj
  5. by   carcha
    cant get into it
  6. by   TraumaNurse
    Interesting thread...and definitely scary!
  7. by   Diprivan/Vented
    I love Propofol. It has so many benefits. I think we're just learning all the good things about it. So far, propofol is good for hypertension, agitation, neurological assessment and possible extubation, and cardiac problems (since it affects the nitric oxide mechanism and breaks down to antioxidants). Good stuff. And yes, the pts I deal with are all intubated.