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    I work in a SICU with a Cardio-thoracic emphasis. We also get traumas from our sister unit (Level 1 Trauma center). I Graduated Nursing school in Summer 2005. CRNA school is a few years off for me. In the meantime, on what should I begin concentrating. For example, I plan on taking CCRN and perhaps the cardiac surgery subspeciality exam. I know learning as much pharmocology as I can will help but what else. If you SRNA's could go back in time prior to CRNA school what would you concentrate on learning? Pharmocolgy, Anatomy/Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, spelling, math, computers...etc. Would you have spent more time in ER, Burn unit, MICU, CICU, PACU or the floor? What classes did you wish you took before school started?

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