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    I was just wondering how much paper work CRNA's have on a daily bases? I do not believe that i have seen a post about this subject on this form, and during my limited time with CRNA's only paper work that i have seen is the paper work needed during the surgery. Is that all the paper work that is needed and is the only time there is more is b/c of complications? Please provide any information that you can about this subject (what all you have to fill out on a daily bases, ect;PM me if you do not want to disclose this information). :spin:

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  3. by   ali anesthesia
    Pre=anesthesia evaluation, anesthesia record, post-anesthesia note. They are all contemporaneous records. Now a lot of anesthesia records are computerized, so it is even easier.

    Of course, there may be other things like charge records, supplies records, signing out narcotics and other things if you are a supervisor.

    I am curious about why you asked.

    ALi A
  4. by   piper_for_hire
    Slightly less paperwork per patient as compared to my day in the ICU but you do lots of cases in a given day.