P&P of Nurse Anesthesia

  1. I have been reading the 3rd edition of Principles and Practice of Nurse Anesthesia. Can anyone speak to the relevance of this text?

    David Anderson
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  3. by   Qwiigley
    Who is the author, several of the books out there have similar titles.
  4. by   neuromancer2
    Sorry about that. It was written by Waugman, Foster and Rigor. Published 1999.


  5. by   WntrMute2
    While I can't really comment on that text directly, I would encourage us all to purchase texts that are about or authored by nurse anesthetists. The vast majority of the texts out there are by MDs and while you need those for sure, supporting our own can only be a good thing. Nagelhout has a good text BTW
  6. by   Qwiigley
    i was going to also suggest Nagelhout and Zaglaniczny. Nurse Anesthesia, 2nd ed. (2001). Philadelphia: Saunders Company. Easy to read and complete. Besides, Nagelhout won director of the year this year.

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