Need some advice!!! Reapplying

  1. I have been to a CRNA school in 2000 however I did not finish because the program director felt I could not multitask, make split second decision,so I was asked to leave. Its been over 5 years and I know CRNA is what I want to do, I have had the time to work on my weaknesses. Do you know if programs will take me considering I have been to a program and I did not finish. Please help!!!!
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  3. by   MethaneMan
    It seems to me when I was exploring schools to apply to most of them had some sort of admission info designated for those who had previously ateended another crna school. I think it is a question on most applications. This would mean to me that you would be considered, but I'm sure they will call your previous school to hear their "take" on things. Go for'll never achieve your goal if you don't.
  4. by   MICUVT
    Thanks for the support I will do just that This whole thing has just been a major process in my life but I will give it all I got!!!!