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  1. I am shaddowing a CRNA for school. I need to write a critical incident paper but we have not encountered any critical incidences. We are at a small ambuatory surgery center.

    Does anyone have any detailed instances were a patient went bad and you had to make some critical dicisions or a patient was high risk for surgery and you had to take cirtain measures to make sure the surgery when OK.

    I would like to know about the surgery, your thought process and what meds you gave.

    Thank you, anything will help!
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  3. by   gravitycure

    it seems no one wants to venture or post the obvious. asking someone to detail an experience is, well, how should i say it - ballsy. the ability to generate a paper on a clinical experience is a personal one. i have had a few, but am in no way going to regurgitate it here.

    what i do suggest is obtaining a copy of "the student journal of nurse anesthesia." it is filled with clinical experiences.

    good luck

  4. by   traumaRUs
    Alright, then what you do is tell your instructor this issue (no appropriate situation) and go from there. I'm absolutely sure that you don't mean for us to come up with a situation and supply you the details, right?