Need CRNA info. for school

  1. I am a Senior in High School Planning to become a CRNA. I am going to go to a Community College due to expenses a go through a 1+1 LBN program then the RNA program. Then continue my education at a four year university while working in the hospital. Am I choosing the right way to go?
    Exactly how much schooling does it take to be a CRNA. If its so competitive why is it so high in demand? Need some answers!!!
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  3. by   mkaren73
    Why all the sideroads? If you would like my humble opinion, this is what I did. I also went to community college for financial reasons. After 2 years of that, I went on to a BSN program and in 2 more years received a BSN.
    As soon as you graduate, if you are still interested in becoming a CRNA, get into an ICU ASAP. Schools look very strongly on nursing experience.

    Good Luck!