Need Advice About CRNA Programs

  1. Hello everyone! I am currently a BSN student in Indiana and I am very interested in continuing on to be a CRNA. After graduating with my BSN I am considering relocating to Tennessee so that I can attend the University of Tennessee Knoxville for the CRNA program. I was just wondering if anyone has earned their CRNA from this college and can give me some comments about it. I would really appreciate it! I would love reading any other comments about the CRNA profession as well!
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  3. by   gwapo
    I am not a CRNA (yet). I don't think it is a smart idea to relocate before you are accepted.. just a thought....
  4. by   3ccBolus
    Hi there. I would echo what gwapo said to you. It might be best to relocate AFTER you have been accepted to school, for a few reasons. UT Knoxville's CRNA program is very small if I remember correctly (8-10 students). There's no guarantee that you will get in. Since you are still working on your BSN (assuming you didn't have an ADN) I would suggest relocating to wherever you can find the best ICU RN experience. Knoxville isn't exactly a hospital metropolis, and you would likely gain better ICU clinical experience at the larger Indianapolis hospitals or, if you were set on moving to Tennessee, Nashville hospitals.