Moving from Houston, Texas to Miami, Florida

  1. My husband and are currently in the process of relocating to Miami, Florida because of his job as a marine biologist. I wanted to know how being a crna in the state of Florida was different to Texas. Are there any requirements I must fit, new license/certification or what I need to do to be able to keep my job as a crna? I've been very worried about the whole transition and need my questions answered. I don't want to go through a whole process before I can practice in Florida but if that's they case I would like to know and be prepared. I know most people haven't made that transition and many coworkers that I've asked seemed uninterested or as if they didn't approve of me moving to Miami and haven't been much help to my transition process. The day I move to Miami is getting closer and closer, if there is a process I need to go through, how long would it take and how long would it take me to find a job as a crna in Miami. In Houston it was relatively easy to find a job as a crna.
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  3. by   thefairtyna
    I am crna in FL and have friends in Houston I can help you
    email me at and it will be easier to communicate