Masters vs. Post-masters

  1. Just an opinion question. Are CRNA masters programs generally more competitive than CRNA post-masters programs? I wonder because its a different applicant pool. I know that they have the same requirements in terms of critical care and expected previous coursework...but obviously different degrees needed. I suspect the applicant pool is smaller for those seeking post-masters certificate. However, I was wondering what you some of the opinions are on the board. Are there any MSN holders that are seeking a crna post-masters?
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  3. by   CRNA, DNSc
    In the program I was associated with that had a post-masters certificate, all candidates were in the same pool. The top ones were chosen. If you happened to already have a MSN then you would be a post-Masters student. So whether you had a Masters or not you were in the same pool. There were no "allocated spots" for post-masters students.