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  1. What are some internet sites, journals, or magazines that you read to keep abreast of trends or advances that relate to anesthesia?
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I enjoy Nursing2003 and Nurse Week, and I get the American Journal of Nursing as well, although it is written at a more scholarly level than I prefer for information purposes. Another good journal is RN, to which I used to subscribe before discovering Nursing, and then my state BON mails out a couple of publications every quarter which are full of practical legal advice on nursing issues.

    You might want to try NurseZone and Medline too, although Medline is geared more to MDs than nurses. Enjoy!
  4. by   smiling_ru
    Anesthesia and Analgesia


    AANA Journal

    Internet sites

    Than there are a lot of text book type sites, which is not exactly current information. But, helpful for students or to look something up that is uncommon.

    Pubmed is good place to find research on a specific topic.