1. Anyone heard on interviews from Minneapolis School of Anesthesia or Newman University in Wichita?
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  3. by   tech9
    I got a letter from Newman today...Interviewing next month on the 20th.
  4. by   fence
    Have my fingers crossed. Let me know how things go. Also Break a leg.
  5. by   tech9
    Thanks Fence. Letters were postmarked the 10th, so yours may still be in the mail. Good luck.
  6. by   Want2Bgasman
    Way to drive him crazier tech9
  7. by   Want2Bgasman
    Hey tech9 care to share your stats since you applied to the school of my choice.
  8. by   lasvegas4211
    I applied to the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia and they called me about 3-4 weeks ago to schedule an interview. I know they are also planning on interviewing in the first part of Jan. I declined the interview due to acceptance at other schools. You might give them a call or email the director. You can find her email address on their web site.
  9. by   megmermaid
    5 or 6 people I work with have interviews scheduled at Newman. I sent in my app later than they did and now I'm going crazy because I don't have an interview yet. I also sent an app to Texas Wesleyan because I can do clinicals in Wichita. I'm feeling on edge all the time...Plus, I didn't think they wouldn't contact people until after their due date.

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