Interview Tomorrow

  1. Well, I'm leaving tomorrow for the big interview on Thursday.

    I was able to shadow a CRNA for a day, which really helped. It so happened that she was previously on an admissions board for CRNA school, so she gave me losts of good pointers.

    Any last minute advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advacne.
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  3. by   HPlayBoyU
    Hello......I was interested in the pointers that the CRNA gave you......could you please give me the same information that she gave can email me @ alot!
  4. by   jperry25
    How about share the pointers with everybody. I'm sure most of us would be interested in knowing what she said. Let us know how things turned out. That's great to hear that you got an interview.
  5. by   Brenna's Dad
    Sorry I haven't yet replied. I'm in the middle of a set of four nights, so I want to gather my thoughts a little bit and provide the best advice I can give.

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