interview of New Britain School In CT

  1. Hello. I have a scheduled interview of New Britain school. Can anybody give me any helpful hints or tips that can make me work better for the interview? any information is appreciated.
    They told me that It takes about two hours including a tour of OR. I am taking CCRN exam several days before the interview. I hope it will be helpful to make my application look a little better if I can pass CCRN.
    I asked if I am a little closer to the destination, she told me everybody who met the requirements are invited to the interview. Not quite sure how important this interview is for application process...
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  3. by   DSAC
    This is one of the most laid back interviews that I went on. I was interviewed by 2 different people, during my interview. Very few clinical questions. Most are about you and why you want to be a CRNA. There are a couple clinical thrown in for good measure. Most of the clinical questions were simple drug questions. If you have been working in an ICU you should know the answers easily. I made alternate, but turned it down. I was accepted at my first choice, TWU. Good luck.