1. Well today was my first interview to the only school I'm interested in. Kind of disappointed. What a sinking anticlimatic feeling. Your so pumped for that day. It comes. You don't quite feel like you got your point across about how valuable you are as a nurse. Oh well, can only wait now for the results. 7 people for 3 seats. The competition was stiff. Any others?
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  3. by   angel5
    I go for an interview myself this week and there are 10 seats out of 20 people. I was accepted in this same program 2 years ago and so I hope I can show the same qualities this time that I did then. I wasn't able to go de to an oversight of an omitted class that I had to have. I have since taken this class.

    I feel like if you went in there with a poised and confident (NOT COCKY!) attitude, you will be selected. I think that they look for sincerity and willingness to learn, more than anything. Good Luck! When will you know if you got in?