I have some questions about CRNAs

  1. Hi, I did read the FAQ and I have a few more questions. I was wondering if CRNAs work in outpatient surgery centers? Is is uncommon for CRNAs to work M-F day shifts/no holidays? How much interaction do CRNAs get with patients that are not under (pre and post opt)? Are the job opportunities better for CRNAs than NP?
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    Yes they work in outpatient surgery centers, particularly in those facilities the job is monday through friday. Pre and post op is usually when patient interaction occurs, although you can be called to floors to intubate start art lines etc. Yes, right now the opportunities for CRNA's are better then NP's.
  4. by   ufmatt

    check out www.gaswork.com---a website that lists anesthesia groups looking for new CRNAs, which usually have info that will give answers to your first few questions.

  5. by   yoga crna
    Pick a surgical/diagnostic setting and you will find an opportunity for CRNAs. Hospital, ambulatory surgery centers, office surgery settings, endoscopy, psychiatry, radiology, dentistry, fertility centers--the list goes on and on.

    However, if you are a new grad, you need some strong hospital experience with back-up and support systems before going out on your own in an office surgery setting.


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