How is everybody doing????

  1. Hi guys! It has been awhile since i have been on here. I just started my first term of anesthesia and its pretty wild. I also just started clinical and I love it so far! Intubating the simulator dummy and a human is so different. I was wondering if anyone has a good topic in anesthesia. We have to write and discuss about anything in anestheisa. It can be very broad, bad , good, contraversial, traditional---whatever!!!!! I'll take any ideas. also, for those who started school also- how is it going?? All I know is I am glad that I quit working before school stated..T
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  3. by   Espresso girl!
    Here is a good topic to look at, especially since it involves the occupational safety of every CRNA out there. What can be done to minimize exposure, for example...what about wearing radiation badges? See my post from today.

    Good Luck to you in your schooling!

    Espresso Girl
  4. by   nilepoc
    I just wrote a paper on the medicare opt out, it was a fun topic to research. I would recommend it.