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  1. I am considering relocating to the Houston area if I can get in on a good CRNA program. If all goes as planned, my wife will work fulltime to keep the benes while I'm in school. Any recommendations, please? I only know of Baylor at this time, but I heard there's quite a few out there worth looking into.
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  3. by   mrigas
    The only other one I know of in Houston is UTHSC-H...I've heard they have a really good program and they have a high ranking.
    Other than that, you'll have to look in Ft. Worth at TCU and there's another, but I'm drawing a blank.
    Do a google search...good luck
  4. by   CRNA, DNSc
    Go to AANA.com click on accredited programs and search by state!
  5. by   InTheBlood
    There are 2 in Houston, UT Health Science Center and Baylor. I believe they're limited in the number of applicants accepted, somewhere between 12 and 15. Very competitive.
  6. by   Nitecap
    No Way
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  7. by   CorpusRN
    I am in my second year at UT-houston's CRNA program...I would be happy to talk to you about my program. Baylor also as a program in the houston area. PM me when you get a chance.

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