Hellloooo public awareness

  1. Anyone check out the October issue of Glamour? Page 58 shows the best compliments ever, and one of them is "the best nurse anesthetist ever."
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  3. by   Kiwi
    wow! in what context was this compliment given? and hats off to glamour magazine!!! i will be writing them a nicely-worded letter:flowersfo
  4. by   NCgirl
    Every month, Glamour staffers ask women on the street a question, and have them respond by writing their answer on a piece of paper and holding it up. They snap a pic, and that's what you see in the magazine. Last months question was "What's the best compliment you've ever received?". And one girl wrote "You're the best nurse anesthetist ever.". I've always loved glamour, but love them even more now!!!