heard back from Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island interview?

  1. My husband had an interview at MHRI on Dec. 2nd and we have not heard back yet. Has anyone heard back from them?
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  3. by   stan1979
    I interviewed in mid november, but haven't heard back from them yet either. I guess that's not a good sign, but gotta think positive. I think I saw two post of 2 people who already got accepted in their program, that means only 6 spots left (or less) that I know of (I think they only accept 8 people only or was it 9 people only).

    what does kmn in your name stand for?
  4. by   BananaBag
    Hello All! I interviewed there at the end of November. I received a Fed Ex package in the mail Dec. 7th for acceptance. Do not get down if you do not get in! I applied last year, interviewed, they said I was an excellent candidate, however was wait listed for May 2009. I applied again this year and got in! Keep your fingers crossed and if you dont get in try again next year for sure!

    Crossing My Fingers For You!
  5. by   alli215RN
    Bananabag -

    I got in as well! woo-hoo!
    I will moving from south Florida, how about you?