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  1. Hi, I am starting school in Fall. I was wondering is it possible to work as a GRNA pending that you are goiing to take the certification exam. Does the exam transfer from state to state or is it like RN when you have to apply for a license in each state. Thanks for the help
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  3. by   catcolalex
    california has grna's but if you fail boards, you cant work as a grna anymore. the crna cert exam is a national exam, meaning to work in other states all you need is an RN license in that state and, in some cases, a crna license in that state which just means you pay more money to the state for another piece of paper. states that i know that charge you for a crna license are cali, and utah.
  4. by   Phishininau
    That depends entirely on your state. Some states will allow you to practive for up to one year under the license of another CRNA. That will probably be cumbersome for your employer, though, who will want you to work pretty soon after graduation.
  5. by   calirn2006
    thanks so much for the info...exactly what i wanted to know!