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  1. Any suggestions for a good biochem review book or adjunct to supplement school? Many reviews are from MDAs or residents. I was looking for a CRNA point of view. Thanks
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  3. by   ken-pin
    Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry, Bettelheim et al., (5th ed., Brooks/Cole, 2004).

    It's excellent. It's everything you'd need to know for the non-biochem major. I'm using it right now in an Introductory Biochem correspondence course out of UC Berkeley Extension. The Harvard affiliated prof is awsome. 3 credits. A year to complete. $450 for ther course. The best value for my credit dollar I've ever spent.
  4. by   Toby's mum
    For a good, though brief summary overview you might want to look at Schaum's Outlines in biochemistry and Molecular & Cell biology. McGraw-Hill is the publisher.
  5. by   UCDSICURN

    I've already taken an entry level organic/biochem course and would like to get more biochem and have been looking at the UC Berkeley course...can you post a little bit about it or pm me...would be much appreciated.

    Donn C.

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