Future Demise of Anesthesiology?

  1. Hello, I've read all (okay the MAJORITY) of the CRNA vs. MDA posts on allnurses.com and also on studentdoctor.net. I now pretty much understand that traditionally the MDA supervises the CRNA, but this provision is slowly becoming a thing of the past. I just have one question for the CRNAs......
    In the future do you think there will no longer be such a thing as an "anesthesiologist" considering each profession does the same thing and CRNAs are cheaper for the hospitals and HMOs?
    (P.S. This question has been answered by MANY MDAs, so I would appreciate the responses of JUST the nurses. Thank you)
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  3. by   SCHMEGGA
    This is a very hard question to answer. I guess I could see it happening, but I doubt it ever will. As long as the ASA remains a strong organization (although that seems to have waivered a bit recently) they will make sure that there will be.
  4. by   piper77
    Hope not to start a war here, but my two cents worth.....that is exactly the kind of thinking that creates issues between MDA's and CRNA's. The truth of the matter is - a CRNA is NOT an MD, nor are they trying to be one. There should not be an issue over who "is better", even from a financial standpoint. Nurses have been anesthesia providers for many, many years. So have physicians. I would hope we would continue to work together as members of an anesthesia provider team. Most MDA's I know feel that way - they have a high level of respect for nurse anesthetists. I would say that most CRNA's would feel the same way. However, there are immaturities on either side of the debate (my opinion); emotional reactions from either group essentially wanting the same thing: respect.
    There will always be a place for both providers, I believe. Times and healthcare venues will change, that is inevitable. CRNA's may be more likely employed in certain venues, and physicians in others (from a large population statistical point of view). However, I believe that if a spirit of collaboration can be forged where there is little, a team approach will continue to be a great environment to provide anesthesia in - be you an MDA or a CRNA.
  5. by   SCHMEGGA
    Originally posted by piper77
    ...I believe that if a spirit of collaboration can be forged where there is little, a team approach will continue to be a great environment to provide anesthesia in - be you an MDA or a CRNA.
    Well spoken.
  6. by   meandragonbrett
    I don't see the demise of anesthesiologists. As long as the ASA stays strong and fights the AANA, I just don't see it. I can, however, see a decrease in MDAs and a increase in CRNAs. Just my take on it.

  7. by   EmeraldNYL
    Originally posted by SCHMEGGA
    Well spoken.
    Yep, I agree too.
  8. by   ShadowKnight
    I have to agree with what piper77 has said. Very eloquently put.
  9. by   TraumaNurse
    Well said Piper77. I agree totally.
  10. by   MICU RN
    I would worry more about the demise of the crna profession before the MDA. Mainly because they are lobbying for the increase of AA's which would be in direct competion with the crna profession. ALso, physicians still have more clout in the healthcare world than nurses. Hopefully in the future the ASA and AANA will find away to be less hostile to each other so that both professions can work more as a team. An all out war between the two organizations does not seem like a good thing for either side, especially the crna side. I will support tne AANA once I start school and after I graduate, however, I do wish things would get better between the two professional organizations. I saw a recent ASA journal and the whole entire issue seemed to be dedicated to increasing the AA'S role and diminishing the crna's role in anesthesia care. The article scared me , but I have faith that crna's will not be totally replaced by AA's. However, if we insist on an all out war we may find ourselves on the short end of the stick.