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  1. Hi all;
    I'm an Emergency Room RN and trying to decide what I want to do for grad school, CRNA or CRNP. Most of the CRNA programs I've looked at require 1 year CC experience. Does anyone know if ER experience counts? I don't work in a level 1 trauma center, but have taken care of many CC patients in my day and have experience with drips, vents, etc.
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  3. by   jkw_83RN
    If you go to you will be able to look at CRNA schools and see what they require. Each school has their own requirements, but majority of the schools do not accept ER experience as critical care experience. The schools that do will specify and they expect you to have exposure to sick patients who are on vents, gtts, and that require hemodynamic monitoring. You may be able to prove some of that through ER experience, but I think having ICU experience would really help.