Elected Officers to Anesthesia Student Organization--Is it worth it?

  1. For those of you who have been, are currently, or know someone who has been in an elected position of the anesthesia student organization my question is...is it worth the effort? I am about to start my program August 27th and was diligently reading through the student handbook where this subject is covered. Class Officers are elected the second Friday in November which seems early in the program but then again the entire program is only 27 months. This sounds interesting and might be a good learning experience but I didn't know if the added stress of what is going to be a very stressful 27 months would be worth the effort. Could any of you give your perceptions, past experiences, or any advice on this matter?
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  3. by   nilepoc
    I am the current class rep for my program. it is mostly a figure head position, with little responsibility. But whe something does go wrong, I get into the thick of it. Overall, it has been rewarding, and i would recommend it to anyone interested.

  4. by   seewhiterabbit
    Well, what are the benefits of it nilepoc? Since you are the current class rep. for your program...how do you benefit from that? How is it rewarding?

    Thank you.