1. Does anyone know if you are required to get another DNP if you already have one if you enter a CRNA program that awards a DNP upon graduation? If the DNP is from the same university as the CRNA ,do give you credit for all of the DNP courses already taken?
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  3. by   BigPappaCRNA
    Probably a question better asked directly to the programs. Personally, if I already had a DNP and was going back to CRNA school, I would apply to one of the MSN schools. Still plenty of them out there. But if I had to guess, I am guessing you would be able to cut out at least some of the redundant classes. YMMV.\
  4. by   CRNA, DNSc
    You will need to speak directly with the program director and Graduate Office. Some Universities will not award a second same degree (even if the concentration is different). At this point there is not much demand for a Doctoral Completion Program for entry to practice so I do not know if there is an accredited Entry to practice DNP completion program.(There are a number of CRNA to DNP or DNAP completion programs but that will not help you). Good luck