Debate about AAs in DC

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  3. by   Sheri257
    Thanks for the link. Interesting that this CRNA is in favor of AA's:

    "Not all certified registered nurse anesthetists share the same opinion on the issue. Stephen Gifford, who testified at a public hearing on the issue last January, said in written testimony that he has worked for a year with anesthesiologist assistants and feels confident "that at no time was patient safety compromised nor was the cohesiveness of the entire anesthesia care team model at risk."

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  4. by   jwk
    Keep reminding yourselves - it's a turf battle. It has nothing to do with patient safety.

    If AA detractors want to bring up a single lawsuit against an AA (which I'm sure was not JUST against the AA alone), then we can certainly start a laundry list of similar cases with CRNA's. Let's not go down that road.