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  1. I need some advice, preferably from alumni or current SRNAs of CSUF's program. Here's my story:
    I'm a military RN with 7 years combined ICU and PACU experience, though I currently work on a Mother-Baby Unit (long story). I am planning on applying to CSUF's CRNA program this year and I meet all the prereq's (cumulative GPA is 3.56, took upper division research and statistics as an undergrad). However, it has been 9 years since I graduated from my BSN program (and just as long since I've had any science courses, though I scored mostly all As at the time). Would you recommend I take Organic Chem or Biochem prior to applying to prove to the admissions committee that I can handle these types of courses? Or would my experience and transcripts speak for themselves? Personally, I'd rather save the $500-600 needed to take a class, but not if it means I'd be ruining my chances of getting accepted. Anyway...thanks, in advance, for any advice you could give me.
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  3. by   gaspassah
    go to the kaiser website, get contact info for michael boytim, assist director and admissions director. he would be most helpful in answering any questions you have, he's a very nice person to deal with. also i would concider getting back into a critical care area.
    specifically, there are plenty of applicants every year who havent been in school in years.